Jeanne Petrucci MS, RDN

Jeanne brings more than 25 years of experience as a private cooking instructor to her second career as a registered dietitian. Incorporating food experience into the nutrition care process is the foundation for her professional contributions, which include participation in research, the development of transformational meal planning software for dietitians, and the creation of an evidence-based, consumer-facing digital library. As a leader in digital content creation for nutrition professionals, Jeanne has created more than 30 digital culinary nutrition courses and thousands of pieces of content that she shares with colleagues. She supports her professional community with training on best practices for the development and facilitation of evidence-based content so they can scale their practices with integrity. Jeanne received her MS degree in Nutrition Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, and is the founder and managing director of Living Plate Rx, Your Complete Nutrition Content Solution.


Image of presenter Jeanne Petrucci

Jeanne Petrucci MS, RDN

Founder and Managing Director

Living Plate Rx LLC

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