Jessica Serdikoff Romola RDN

Jess Serdikoff Romola is a registered dietitian nutritionist, certified intuitive eating counselor, and supervisor to fellow dietitians. She has a B.S. in nutrition and dietetics from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Her background in mentoring nutrition students, dietetic interns, and new RDs showed her how many future and current dietitians struggle with the same perfectionism and lack of confidence she, herself, felt when she was new to the field, and how common dietitian burnout has become in recent years. Drawing from her passions in intuitive living and personal connection, she now specializes in empowering dietitians to diffuse stress, build confidence, and reconnect with their passions and purpose so that they can avoid dietitian burnout, feel fulfilled as a dietitian, and make a bigger impact in their communities. Jess not only runs a one-of-a-kind supervision program for dietitians to help them craft and clarify their professional identity and skillset, but also is the host of the Empowering Dietitians Podcast, with weekly episodes to support, inspire, and uplift her colleagues. Connect with her through her podcast, on Instagram at @empowering.dietitians, or at


Image of presenter Jessica Serdikoff Romola

Jessica Serdikoff Romola RDN

Owner & Dietitian Supervisor

Empowering Dietitians

Jessica Serdikoff Romola

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