Bari Glassman

Bari Glassman (He/Him) is a transgender athlete, LGBTQIA+ advocate, and currently a graduate student and dietetic intern at Immaculata University, studying Nutrition and Dietetics. He intends to combine his passion for nutrition and fitness, with his interest in cultural diversity, as a future professional practice. Recently he has participated in several health campaigns involved in transgender health education, and supporting gender-affirming health care. He has also written several pieces for Men’s Health Magazine focusing on body-positivity and transgender health, and was featured in their Strength In Diversity Program in the Fall of 2020, as well as their “Every Body Is Perfect” campaign last year. His future aspirations surround improving the education and understanding of nutrition in the LGBTQIA+ community, and promoting fitness as a method to better overall health and well-being.


Image of presenter Bari Glassman

Bari Glassman

Graduate Student/Sales Lead

Immaculata University /The Vitamin Shoppe

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