Lukas Neafsey RN, BSN

Lukas Neafsey, RN, BSN (they/them/he/him), is located in Denver, from Denver. They are currently working at The University of Colorado Hospital (Anschutz), on the inpatient oncology floor. He identifies as nonbinary and transmasculine, and began his medical transition journey in January of 2022. Lukas is also an OUT Athlete, or a member of the OUT Foundation, which empowers LGBTQ+ young adults by providing access to inclusive fitness spaces, wellness resources, and more. Though Lukas started their journey with fitness and nutrition long before they began their medical transition, diet and exercise have always played a key role in their process before coming out, coming out, and as they started to transition. He is passionate about advocacy within the medical field for queer and transgender individuals, as well as sharing his story in hopes that healthcare spaces may become safer for the LGBTQ+ community.


Image of presenter Lukas Neafsey

Lukas Neafsey RN, BSN

University of Colorado Hospital Anschutz

Oncology Staff Nurse

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