Breta Alstrom MS, RDN, LD

Breta Alstrom is an award-winning dietitian who specializes in pediatric integrative and functional medicine for neurodivergent children. Her career and education have been unique with a focus on pediatric nutrition from Day 1; she received a Master’s degree from the University of Kansas Medical Center focused on complex pediatric care and neurodevelopmental disabilities, leading her to become an advocate for a medical model that centers accommodations for disability and family needs. Breta operates a virtual private practice, NeuroNutrition KC, that prioritizes family health and wellness for children with complex health needs by carving out a space where families are heard, acknowledged, and play an active role in their child’s care.


Image of presenter Breta Alstrom

Breta Alstrom MS, RDN, LD

Pediatric Dietitian & Owner


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