Erin Meyer MSFS, RD

Erin is the Founder and President of Basil’s Harvest (BH), a non-profit sharing the message that soil health impacts human health by bringing people together in agriculture, health, and food systems to develop new models supporting regenerative food systems and community health. She is also a Clinical Associate at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, Peoria, IL, where she enjoys training Family Practice Residents in the Food is Medicine experiential program she co-developed. Erin is a chef and registered dietitian with a Master of Sustainable Food Systems. Before founding BH, Erin was an agricultural-based non-profit executive leader advancing on-farm experiential sustainable food system education and outreach to culinary professionals; she owned a wholesale and retail food business where she contracted with regional organic growers to source quality ingredients used in her cooked-from-scratch products; was a certified diabetes educator co-managing a Diabetes Resource Center. Erin finds great joy in learning from farmers and hearing the passion in their voices as they tell their food stories. Most importantly, Erin cheers on her two daughters as they find their place in the world on their terms.


Image of presenter Erin Meyer

Erin Meyer MSFS, RD

Executive Director, Basil's Harvest

Clinical Associate, University of Illinois College of Medicine, Peoria

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