Kelebogile Setiloane PhD

Kelebogile T. Setiloane is Professor of Nutrition in the Department of Behavioral Health and Nutrition at the University of Delaware. A native of South Africa, Setiloane earned her PhD from Tufts University School of Nutrition Science. Her scholarly work concentrates on the nutrition and livelihoods of vulnerable and underserved populations, particularly women and children in Africa and the United States. Setiloane is committed to using her academic expertise and lived experiences in Apartheid South Africa to increase the understanding between health professionals, who use Western biomedical modes of knowledge, and their clients who use indigenous knowledge patterns to understand issues related to health and nutrition. Her early scholarly work was in linking Nutrition, Gender and Agriculture and looked at ways in which very poor women in rural southwest Nigeria could access animal source foods in their diets and those of their children. Another focus of her scholarship is on promoting breastfeeding and other optimal child rearing practices in communities with low or declining breastfeeding rates. Her most recent work is around social justice education where her contributions are towards approaches on the pedagogy and education of students in areas to do with social difference and health disparities.


Image of presenter Kelebogile Setiloane

Kelebogile Setiloane PhD

Professor of Nutrition

University of Delaware

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