Lindsay Woodcock MS, RDN

Lindsay is a registered dietitian nutritionist whose career has focused in the fields of nutrition informatics and nutrition research. In her role as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Health Informatics Infrastructure (ANDHII) Manager, she leads the development of the ANDHII software, collaborates with investigators conducting registry projects utilizing ANDHII, and manages initiatives to spread awareness and increase usage of the evolving platform. Lindsay’s work involves leveraging this technology to enhance current and future practitioner knowledge in the Nutrition Care Process and Terminology and to collect structured data so we can better understand dietitian practice patterns and outcomes. Lindsay has helped to coordinate projects investigating the nutrition care provided by dietitians in the following populations: breastfeeding infants and mothers, diabetes, gestational diabetes, COVID-19, chronic kidney disease, and many more. Lindsay is passionate about our need for evidence-based data to help prove the impact of dietetics care and advance the profession.


Image of presenter Lindsay Woodcock

Lindsay Woodcock MS, RDN

ANDHII Research Project Manager

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

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