Gretchen George PhD, RDN

Gretchen L. George is passionate about prevention and empowerment. In her position as Associate Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics and Program Lead in the Family, Interiors, Nutrition & Apparel Department at San Francisco State University, she facilitates learning through nutrition education, metabolism, community nutrition, and research courses. In the classroom she includes students in her food literacy and basic needs research on the community and college student. She also explores weight stigma in health-related majors from a social justice perspective, with the overall goal of eliminating weight bias in health professionals through incorporation of intuitive eating models in the classroom. Beyond the focus on eliminating weight bias, an imperative goal of hers is to strengthen the understanding of what health means, connecting individual, trauma, access, environment, and biological mechanisms to dispel stigmatizing false information. Gretchen also lectures for Stanford Healthy Living, part of the BeWell Program, enjoys traveling near and far with her family.


Image of presenter Gretchen George

Gretchen George PhD, RDN

Associate Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics

San Francisco State University

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