Sue Linja RDN, LD

Sue Linja was born with a passion for nutrition and aging. She says her biggest honor in her 35 year career as a registered dietitian nutritionist has been to positively touch the lives of thousands of culturally-diverse older adults as she consulted with over 200 healthcare entities in 12 states. Sue has been widely sought out as a speaker for nutrition and aging seminars and has worked on multiple nutrition publications and articles in this area. Some highlights include investigative research on the nutritional habits of centenarians, co-authoring of The Alzheimer’s Prevention Food Guide and presenting a Tedx Talk titled The Road to 100. Sue currently holds leadership positions in the Idaho Board of Medicine, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – Dietitians in Health Care Communities, Idaho Health Care Association, Hormel Health Labs Advisory Council and the University of Idaho Food/Nutrition and Dietetics Board. Aging gracefully is important to Sue – she hopes to reach her 100th birthday by maintaining close relationships, eating a mostly plant-based diet and drinking fine wine.


Image of presenter Sue Linja

Sue Linja RDN, LD

Registered Dietitian Consultant

S&S Nutrition Network, Inc

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