Amy Wootton RDN

Amy Wootton, RDN, Director of Nutrition Management with over 20 years of experience in nutrition management for senior communities, acute care, food service management, and nutrition informatics. Amy joined MatrixCare over 7 years ago working closely with both the clinical EMR as well as dietary software solution MealTracker. Amy was promoted to Product Director of MealTracker and manages her team to deliver a software solution to the ever challenging post acute care industry. Amy is an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, past Chair on the Interoperability and Standards Committee (ISC), founding member on the Nutrition Informatics DPG, and contributed to the Academy’s Nutrition Care Process Toolkit review, presented in FNCE in the past, and has a genuine passion in advocating for nutrition representation in electronic health records and service solutions. Amy has accepted a Leadership Award from the Florida Academy of Dietetics and has published in both the Academy and industry markets. Noteworthy include a co-author for the Consensus Recommendations for Optimization of Electronic Health Records for Nutrition Care and 2019 Nutrition Informatics Survey: Results and Future Directions. She participates in work with the ISC for the Academy, advocating HL7 standards such as the ENCPRS (Electronic Nutrition Care Process Record System). Amy is a dedicated leader and is passionate about the success of nutrition interventions in informatics as an electronic solution to healthcare crises.


Image of presenter Amy Wootton

Amy Wootton RDN

Director of Nutrition Management/Product Executive


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