Susan Scott, MS, RDN, LD

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Susan Scott

President and CVO

SCS Nutrition Consulting, LLC

Susan received a Master of Science degree in clinical nutrition from The University of Alabama and is a graduate of West Virginia Universitys coordinated program in dietetics, with a Bachelor of Science in Family Resources. Susan is Founder of SCS Nutrition Consulting, having provided nutrition services for regional and national organizations in a family practice medical home, clinical, corporate, non-profit, and private practice.

Susan’s passion for advocacy continues as a collaborator, volunteer, and writer as:
Alabama Dietetic Association: President (2006-2007) and Public Policy Coordinator (2013-2017); 2008 Outstanding Dietitian.
The 2017 Chair of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Political Action Committee (ANDPAC); Board Member (2016 – 2019) advancing the Academys legislative and public policy priorities.
Co-Investigator with Principle Investigator Dr. Patricia Marincic, RDN in two outcomes studies published in the Journal of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Registered Dietitian Services and the Impact on Patient Outcomes in the Management of Diabetes Mellitus in Alabama.

Susan has worked to change the culture of health in Alabama. Susans persistent advocacy takes scientific data to policy makers and private payors in support of nutrition as a solution for health, and for diabetes and cardiovascular disease prevention and management.
As part of a core team of the Alabama Dietetic Association, Susan helped secure a Registered Dietitian Provider Network with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama and the addition of coverage for Medical Nutrition Therapy in health care plans as of January 2020.


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