Cecily Martinez, MS, RD, LDN

Cecily Martinez photo

Cecily Martinez

Campus Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

University of Chicago Dining

As the campus dietitian at the University of Chicago, Cecily encourages students to explore the endless possibilities food has to offer. She believes eating food is not only for nourishment but for enjoyment. At University of Chicago, Cecilys role is to provide nutrition education and help students feel confident in their food choices and enjoy their collegiate dining experience. She also serves as a student advocate and a contact person for students with allergies and dietary accommodations. She has developed a robust program at the university with food stations to fit almost everyone’s needs. Cecily is a registered dietitian with a bachelors and masters degree in nutrition and dietetics from Illinois State University. She is ServSafe and ServSafe Allergens certified. Prior to joining University of Chicago, Cecily worked in corporate nutrition where she developed and implemented wellness programs and provided nutrition education for dining operations.


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