Pamela Malo, MHS, RDN, KYT

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Pamela Malo

Chief Empowerment Officer

Northstar Nutrition

Pamela Malo is a Registered Dietitian, yoga instructor, life coach, and speaker. She earned her Master’s degree from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and has worked in global health, private practice, the startup industry, politics, and as an NHANES dietary interviewer for over a decade. (Ask her about the 60 cities she lived in, and the 7,000 dietary interviews she did!). Pamela’s fascination with the mind-body connection led her to create a nutrition, yoga, and mindfulness program called ‘Yoga for Peaceful Eating’ as well as a five-minute ‘Pajama Yoga’ sequence designed to be done in your bed and in your pajamas! She is a mentor and ally to nutrition students across the country, teaching others the very tools she used to quiet her own inner critic and do bold and courageous things. Please come up and say hello after the presentation and check out her free “Confidence tips for RDs” at


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