Jennifer Campbell

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Jennifer Campbell


Rutgers University

Jenny Campbell is a nutrition student at Rutgers University in New Brunswick New Jersey. She has always had a passion for cooking, the life sciences, and helping others. She looks forward to finding answers that can help her to play her part in reversing the obesity epidemic. Jenny is a member of the Healthy Dining Team at Rutgers, as well as the New Jersey Institute of Food, Nutrition and Health Student Ambassadors, and a fellow of the Menus of Change University Research Coalition. She works with these wonderful groups of people on community outreach projects, nutrition-based research, and educating students about nutrition. She coauthored a research project that taught students about the greenhouse gas emissions associated with several animal and plant-based protein sources for the Healthy Dining Team. She is busy brainstorming another project that will teach local farms about antimicrobial stewardship practices that will lessen the spread of antibiotic resistant bacterial infections and will hopefully present her project at a future FNCE conference. In her free time Jenny likes to invent new recipes, play the piano, make fun and outlandish paintings, listen to comedy podcasts, and take walks in the woods. She is usually in the middle of at least five books and hopes to one day finish all the books that she keeps adding to her library.


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