Edwin Miranda, PhD, MS

Edwin Miranda photo

Edwin Miranda

Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Utah

Dr. Miranda is an integrative exercise physiologist and an expert in skeletal muscle inflammation, oxidative stress, and metabolism specifically in the contexts of obesity and diabetes. Dr. Miranda received his PhD from the University of Michigan in the Human Bioenergetics lab in the school of Kinesiology where he studied how Advanced Glycation Endproducts and their receptors potentiate skeletal muscle disfunction with metabolic disease. His dissertation demonstrated that skeletal muscle from individuals with obesity have attenuated expression of GLO1, an enzyme responsible for detoxifying the potent AGE precursor methylglyoxal through novel molecular mechanisms. Dr. Miranda is now a post-doctoral fellow in the Funai lab at the University of Utah examining the effects of mitochondrial phospholipids and lipid peroxidation on skeletal muscle function in the contexts of inactivity, aging and diabetes.


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