Laura Serke photo

Laura Serke, RD, CSPCC, LD, IBCLC

Sodexo at University of Louisville Hospital

Laura Serke is a Sodexo Dietitian in a Level III NICU at the University of Louisville Hospital. She is a board Certified Specialist in Pediatric Critical Care (CSPCC) and an International Board Certfieid Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Laura is passionate about speaking on human milk and infant nutrition. She has been active in quality improvement and research projects on human milk handling, analysis, fortification, and transitioning to the breast. As an active member of the Pediatric Nutrition Practice Group, she co-wrote an article on Baby-Friendly for the Building Blocks Newsletter and co-edited a chapter on Infection Control in the latest edition of Infant and Pediatric Feedings blue book.” Laura is most excited about upcoming renovations to her milk room!