Tanis Fenton photo

Tanis Fenton, PhD, RD, FDC

University of Calgary/Alberta Health Sevices

Dr. Tanis Fenton is a Registered Dietitian, Epidemiologist and Professor. Dr. Fenton has clinical and methodologic expertise across the domains of evidence appraisal, nutrition and growth epidemiology. She is best known for her work developing what are known as the Fenton Preterm Growth Charts (developed in 2003, revised in 2013), which are widely used across the USA, Canada and internationally, built into several Apps (www.ucalgary.ca/fenton) and included in over 30 textbooks including the Merck Manual. The Fenton charts are endorsed by the several countries pediatric societies.
Dr. Fenton participates on the Pre-B led by the NIH and convened to conduct systematic reviews and develop dietary guidelines for preterm infants, and is the invited Chair for the Preterm Infant Expert Workgroup with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.