CPEU Opportunities

FNCE® attendees can obtain a minimum of 20.5 CPEUs for attending education sessions. CDR has approved CPEUs as follows:

Maximum CPEUs Possible Each Day (Excluding Exhibits and Posters)

Day Hours
Saturday, October 26 2.0
Sunday, October 27 6.0
Monday, October 28 6.5
Tuesday, October 29 6.0

Excursions – Saturday and Sunday

Here are a few tips to help you log CPE for FNCE®:

  • Log each session or event individually, not the conference as a whole
    Select the correct learning format for each session or event

    • 170 – Lecture/Seminar
    • 130 – Exhibit
    • 180 – Poster
    • 150 – Interactive Workshop
  • Learning Need Codes (LNC) and Performance Indicators (PI) have been assigned to each session, but these are subjective. Feel free to change and select LNCs and PIs that best correlate with your Professional Development Portfolio (PDP) needs.
  • Calculate your CPEUs to match contact time.
    • 90-minute sessions = 1.5 CPEU
    • 60-minute sessions = 1.0 CPEU
  • Obtain the CPE certificates for Sessions, Posters and Exhibits. A copy of the session schedule is also available online for your convenience. Certificates are available online for FNCE® 2015 through 2019.

Additional Prior Approved Options

A variety of CPEU opportunities are provided to FNCE® attendees throughout the meeting. Some additional opportunities, external to the core educational sessions, include:

Prior approval has been obtained

  • Certifying Board for Dietary Managers
  • American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
  • The American Culinary Federation
  • The American College of Sports Medicine
  • The National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators
  • American Council on Exercise

For other professional certification reporting needs, attendees should independently investigate the reporting procedures for participation at FNCE® and consult their state board or professional organization for complete details.