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The Learning Lounge is located outside the Terrace Ballroom I on Level 400.

Are You Invisible? Why Your Digital Footprint Matters!

Sunday, October 27

11:45 a.m. – Noon

Are you invisible? Without a digital footprint you may be. The term ‘digital footprint’ may call to mind something negative like an embarrassing photo or inappropriate tweet, but a digital footprint can also be a crucial link to the important work RDNs do. No matter what setting you are working in, you need to be seen and counted—and without a digital footprint, you may be invisible. RDNs are vital in the continuum of care, and a data footprint can show RDN impact on outcomes, and can also strengthen the financial case for payment of nutrition care provided by RDNs. Your digital footprint is affecting you in ways you can’t imagine; leave yours to better secure your future!

Speaker: Krista Yoder Latortue

Krista Yoder Latortue
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Niching Down to Make a Large Scale Impact on Social Media

Sunday, October 27

1 – 1:15 p.m.

Registered dietitian nutritionists must serve as global leaders in the fields of food, nutrition, and disease treatment and prevention. However, consumers are confused with the vast amount of mixed messaging on social media and the growing saturation of health experts online. Here we’ll discuss how trying to appeal to everyone ends up resonating with no one, and how to focus your message to attract potential clients, customers, and partners to make a real, large-scale impact online. We’ll first discuss how to identify your niche by reflecting on topics you care strongly about, audiences looking for education you can provide, and nutrition perspectives that align with your philosophies. Talking with your audience to better understand their desires and struggles is the important next step. Last, focusing on two or three social media messages will be the key to your growth and success.

Speaker: Rachel Paul

Rachel Paul
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Create Deeper Client Engagement Using Patient Centered Language

Sunday, October 27

3:10 – 3:25 p.m.


What if it’s what you say and how you say it? Having all the nutrition/disease facts is only one step in forming engaging counseling sessions. Your approach, intonation and tailored words can open a conversation that leads to change. Patient centered communication is associated with improved outcomes. Discover how framing your work more like a chat over coffee can help lead to therapeutic discoveries. Moving patient communication approaches from dichotomous language to inquisitive conversations creates deeper connections. Help clients discover why they revert to seemingly self-sabotaging behaviors and how their self-talk words impact self-care choices. Learn how to reframe communication in ways that decrease shame, create confidence and increase engagement in the patient-provider relationship and the treatment process.

Speaker: Kathryn Martinez, MS, RDN, LD, CEDRD-S

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Is Perfectionism Hindering Your Clients’ Success?

Tuesday, October 29

11:30 – 11:45 a.m.

While at its core perfect means “to be as good as possible,” it has taken on a new life. Perfect is now an identity or label to describe oneself. For many, being perfect or a perfectionist is considered a badge of honor. But what happens when perfectionism becomes the enemy? Even worse, what happens when we don’t realize striving for perfect is hinder our ability to obtain our deepest desires? In this enlightening conversation, we will discuss what perfectionism looks and sounds like, how it hinders progress for our clients, and ways to overcome perfect expectations as it pertains to nutrition.

Speaker: Kristi Coughlin

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