The Older Americans Act authorizes federally funded home meal delivery and congregate dining programs designed to improve food security for seniors and is expected to be considered by the 116th Congress for reauthorization. Nutrition standards used to determine the parameters of the programs and for seniors in long term care settings were developed when life expectancy was shorter than in modern times. With many Americans living into the eighth and ninth decades of life, it’s time to revisit how meal standards are established and the consequences of missing the mark when it comes to acceptance, consumption and nutrition status. Policy recommendations across care settings and in the OAA programs that align with current research will be made.

Planned with the Legislative and Public Policy Committee

1080 Legislation, public policy
4190 Elderly nutrition
2090 Micronutrients: vitamins, minerals

1.5.1 Stays current of, complies with and models national, state and local legislation, policies and standards.
8.1.3 Integrates knowledge of macronutrients and micronutrients for absorption, digestion and metabolism throughout the life span in practice.
8.1.4 Demonstrates knowledge of nutrient requirements throughout the life span and their role in health promotion and disease management.