This session highlights the work of Georgia’s first Academic Nutritionist position within the Georgia Department of Education, a position created by the State Superintendent of Schools. This position works to incorporate nutrition into the classroom as a method of educating the whole child. The Academic Nutritionist works closely with other state agencies and health coalitions throughout Georgia. She also works closely with both School Nutrition Programs and Teaching and Learning/Curriculum and Instruction to integrate food-based learning into cross-curricular areas. This enhances student and teacher engagement while also meeting Georgia Standards of Excellence in K-12 subject areas. Local school system program implementation and successes will be showcased.

6040 Education theories and techniques for children and adolescents
8110 School foodservice
6050 Instructional materials development

8.2.2 Applies knowledge of health determinants when planning, developing and implementing services, programs, meal plans and menus.
9.3.1 Critiques and selects appropriate, current, evidence-based, practice-based reference materials to support the development of nutrition education resources.
9.4.2 Selects and uses appropriate content and teaching methods to meet individual and group needs.