Learning Lounge: Could You Be the Next Zoodle? How to Drive Your Career Evolution

Monday, October 28
9:40 AM – 9:55 AM

Consider the zoodle. Once a humble zucchini, this altered vegetable shape yields a revolutionary, wildly successful entrant into the pasta category, offering a whole new way of interacting with zucchini and also improving upon the nutritional profile of noodles. This metaphor applies to second career dietitians, who ignite the nutrition field with knowledge, experiences and diversity from other disciplines. This injection of “outsiders” ensures new insights and applications in the dietetic field and expands the language in which we connect with others. So whether you are considering entering dietetics from another discipline or seeking to take a different tack in the nutrition field (or possibly even switching to a new profession), you may find success by identifying transferable skills, letting your failures fuel you, and pursuing your passion!

    Learning Lounge Speaker(s)

  • Tiffany Calcutt, MBA, RDN, LD