From Digital to Physical Spaces: Designing More Inclusive Workplaces

Sunday, October 9
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM (Eastern Time)
CE: 1.5
Level 3 (advanced knowledge/expertise)
Activity Code: 170523


Creating an inclusive workplace where all students, interns, and practitioners are respected and valued is a critical component of making dietetics more equitable. Assessing current workplace culture and climate, identifying pain points, and effecting change is challenging. Many RDNs may want to create a more inclusive workplace yet are unsure where or how to start. At the same time, workplaces are changing. Digital workspaces and the “Great Resignation” are evolving our definition of ‘workplace’ and understanding how to cultivate an inclusive remote work environment has become essential.

In this session, participants will learn how shifting priorities have altered what the workplace “looks like” and how to create inclusive physical and remote environments. Topics discussed will include building a case for organizational change, how to get buy-in from key stakeholders to motivate change, and identifying and overcoming structural and cultural barriers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Prioritize characteristics of inclusive digital and physical workplaces
  • Appraise how the changing workplace can be leveraged to increase diversity and embrace inclusion
  • Develop actionable steps they can take to promote inclusion in their workplace

Performance Indicators:

  • 14.1.1 Establishes, monitors and communicates clear targets for departments and organizations aligned with common objectives and goals.
  • 3.1.2 Fosters a culture in which diversity and cross-team collaboration is valued.
  • 1.7.4 Implements strategies and creates culturally sensitive and diverse resources to support diverse populations.