459. Solving the Challenges of Malnutrition in Pregnancy: An Updated Approach

Tuesday, October 23
8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Location: 202 AB
CE: 1.5
Level 2 – Intermediate
Activity Code: 142028

This session will present current evidence for malnutrition in pregnancy as identified by the 2014-2017 Evidence Analysis Library (EAL) workgroup. Presenters will provide a background on the Academy’s EAL process used for conducting the Malnutrition in Pregnancy systematic reviews. Results of the Malnutrition in Pregnancy project will be discussed, including review of screening and assessment tools, short and long-term health effects of malnutrition in pregnancy, hyperemesis gravidarum, health effects of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, pregnancy after weight-loss surgery, and beneficial health outcomes associated with medical nutrition therapy (MNT) by an RDN. Case studies will demonstrate how evidence-based findings from the EAL project can be used in practice. Discrepancies with best-practice guidelines and research gaps will be discussed. This presentation will be useful for both clinical and community practitioners as well as others working in field of maternal, infant and child nutrition.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the systematic review strategies used in the Malnutrition in Pregnancy Evidence Analysis Library (EAL) project.
  • Describe findings and identify the gaps in the research literature related to malnutrition in pregnancy.
  • Recognize how registered dietitians nutritionists can apply findings from the EAL project in their practice for the assessment, treatment and prevention of malnutrition in pregnancy.

Learning Need Codes:

  • 5310 – Pregnancy complication (disease/disorder)
  • 9020 – Evaluation and application of research
  • 4130 – Pregnancy (stages of life cycle)

Performance Indicator:

  • 6.3.11 Applies research/evidence-based findings to improve practice, service delivery and health and nutrition of customers.
  • 8.1.4 Demonstrates knowledge of nutrient requirements throughout the life span and their role in health promotion and disease management.
  • 8.3.6 Keeps abreast of current nutrition and dietetics knowledge and trends.


  • Rima Itani Al-Nimr, MS, RDN, LD

    Clinical Instructor/ Director, Nutrition in Medical Education/ Member, Malnutrition in Pregnancy EAL

    Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

  • Session Speaker(s)

  • Sina Gallo, PhD, MSc, RD

    Assistant Professor / Chair, Malnutrition in Pregnancy EAL

    George Mason University

  • Joann McDermid, PhD, MSc, RD

    Assistant Professor / Member, Malnutrition in Pregnancy EAL

    University of Virginia School of Medicine