418. Nutrition Informatics: Pathways to Success and Applications to Practice

Tuesday, October 29
9:45 AM – 11:15 AM
Location: 119-AB
CE: 1.5
Level 2 – Intermediate
Activity Code: 149621

RDNs and NDTRs are driving the future of health through nutrition informatics and nutrition digital health technologies. This session will help you explore the value of informatics to improve your nutrition practice and will examine how data can provide actionable outcomes data. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has been making important strides in nutrition informatics for over a decade. Learn about this history of the Academy’s advancement in nutrition informatics, the types of jobs available in informatics, the digital health ecosystem for nutrition, the new Nutrition Informatics DPG, and exciting ways that informatics can change the way you practice.

Planned with the Nutrition Informatics DPG

Learning Objectives:

  • Detail the concept of informatics, digital health, artificial intelligence and the nutrition startup ecosystem.
  • Describe the role, practice and value of nutrition in Informatics and in the overall health ecosystem.
  • Identify the importance of nutrition informatics for the profession.

Learning Need Codes:

  • 1065 Informatics
  • 1010 Career planning, Standards of Practice, Standards of Professional Performance, Scope of Dietetic Practice Framework
  • 1020 Computer, electronic technology

Performance Indicator:

  • 1.1.8 Adheres to the Standards of Professional Performance for RDNs.
  • 11.4.1 Stays abreast of changing trends and technology in promotion, marketing and advertising.
  • 9.4.7 Demonstrates competent use of technology to enhance the learning experience and delivery of information.


  • sharon Solomon, RDN

    Clinical Nutrition Manager


  • Speaker(s)

  • Martin Yadrick, MBI, MS, RDN, FAND

    Director of Nutrition Informatics

    Computrition Inc.

  • Christel Anderson, MA

    Senior Director, Interoperability Initiatives