221. Bridging the Practice Gap Using the Latest Renal Nutrition Guidelines

Sunday, October 27
8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Location: 204-ABC
CE: 1.5
Level 2 – Intermediate
Activity Code: 149387

This novel session will describe the newly updated, evidence-based renal nutrition practice guidelines to maximize the effectiveness of nutrition interventions for adults with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Recent evidence supporting these recommendation statements will be discussed and how they influence RDN practice will be explored. Presenters will focus on demonstrating how to apply these guidelines in practice to improve patient outcomes while challenging nutrition professionals to discard restrictive practices and embrace modern, individualized recommendations to reduce malnutrition and maximize patient quality of life. Speakers will share their personal experiences of incorporating evidence into practice, share readily available resources to help RDN’s in their practice, and actively engage attendees by problem-solving challenging patient-care situations. This session focuses on:dissemination of knowledge; and tips on implementing knowledge into practice to improve CKD outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the factors contributing to effectiveness of evidence-based chronic kidney disease nutrition therapy interventions provided by RDNs.
  • Evaluate and synthesize evidence-based nutrition therapy recommendations for adults with chronic kidney disease.
  • Implement the findings from the evidence-based nutrition therapy recommendations into practice with chronic kidney disease patients.

Learning Need Codes:

  • 5340 Renal diseases (disease/disorder)
  • 9020 Evaluation and application of research
  • 5410 Client protocols, clinical guidelines (nutritional care)

Performance Indicator:

  • 1.2.2 Identifies the knowledge and skills required to provide service.
  • 6.2.5 Applies research/evidence-based findings to improve practice, service delivery, and health and nutrition of customers.
  • 8.3.6 Keeps abreast of current nutrition and dietetics knowledge and trends.


  • Sara Erickson, RDN, CSR, LDN

    Pediatric Renal Dietitian

    Levine Children’s Hospital

  • Speaker(s)

  • Laura Byham-Gray, PhD, RDN, FNKF

    Professor & Vice Chair of Research

    Rutgers University

  • Rachael Majorowicz, RDN, LDN, FNKF

    Dialysis Dietitian

    Mayo Clinic