333. Growing Together: Diversifying Dietetics Through Mentoring

Tuesday, October 29
8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Location: 204-ABC
CE: 1.5
Level 2 – Intermediate
Activity Code: 149594

This session will present themes from literature on the role of mentoring, in both fostering relationships which support professional advancement and contributing to the recruitment and retention of diverse practitioners. We will discuss the Academy’s current and historical acknowledgement of the role of mentoring as a mechanism to support and promote diversity in the dietetics profession. The session will engage attendees through polling, case study examples and other interactive activities to share insight on the challenges and barriers to entering a mentoring relationship and the mutual benefits of a mentoring relationship. The speakers will then present a case study on a structured mentoring program targeted towards supporting students from underrepresented backgrounds in dietetics. The session will conclude with an interactive action planning activity to equip each attendee with specific steps to initiate a mentoring relationship.

Planned with the Cultures of Gender and Age Member Interest Group

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain how the role of mentoring can increase the diversity of the dietetics profession.
  • Implement evidence-based mentoring practices that have high impact on dietetic students success.
  • Formulate a plan to increase engagement in mentoring which is in alignment with professional goals, practice areas and personal values.

Learning Need Codes:

  • 1010 Career planning, Standards of Practice, Standards of Professional Performance, Scope of Dietetic Practice Framework
  • 1070 Leadership, critical and strategic thinking
  • 1040 Cultural sensitivity

Performance Indicator:

  • 1.1.8 Adheres to the Standards of Professional Performance for RDNs.
  • 2.2.2 Considers and respects the opinions, creativity, values, beliefs and perspectives of others.
  • 3.1.5 Seeks opportunities for, and actively engages in, mentoring and mentorship.


  • Dylan Bailey, MS

    Nutrition Specialist


  • Speaker(s)

  • Ashlee Linares- Gaffer, MS, RDN

    Asisstant Professor of Practice, ISPP Program Coordinator, Affiliate District Past President, Diversity Liaison- AZAND and COGA

    The University of Arizona

  • Deanna Belleny, MPH, RDN


    Diversify Dietetics