286. Integrative Approaches to Digestive Diseases in Children

Monday, October 28
1:30 PM – 3:00 PM
Location: Grand Ballroom A
CE: 1.5
Level 3 – Advanced
Activity Code: 149527

Integrative therapies complement traditional medical care for a variety of diseases. These modalities are increasingly common in pediatric clinical settings and may provide benefits to the management of childhood diseases, especially those with impact to gastrointestinal health. Mind-body therapies, herbal treatments, acupuncture, probiotics, and dietary manipulation can be integrated into medical treatment for acute and chronic gastrointestinal diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease, and may optimize multidisciplinary care strategies. These opportunities to augment treatment may also improve nutritional status in high risk children. This session will integrate a spectrum of integrative and functional nutrition therapy interventions, focusing on the strength and quality of evidence and dispelling common misconceptions. Application of evidence to family-centered care will be emphasized.

Planned with the Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine DPG

Learning Objectives:

  • Synthesize evidence for integrative and functional nutrition therapy in pediatric gastroenterology.
  • Describe two integrative therapies appropriate for children with gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Incorporate functional nutrition interventions into treatment for pediatric digestive diseases.

Learning Need Codes:

  • 5070 Pediatrics (client population)
  • 5220 Gastrointestinal disorders (disease/disorder)
  • 5420 Complimentary care, alternative therapies (nutritional care)

Performance Indicator:

  • 10.4.4 Makes recommendations for the appropriate use of vitamin and mineral supplementation in the management of health and disease.
  • 8.1.4 Demonstrates knowledge of nutrient requirements throughout the life span and their role in health promotion and disease management.
  • 8.3.6 Keeps abreast of current nutrition and dietetics knowledge and trends.


  • Holly Van Poots, RDN, CSP, FAND

    Owner/Integrative Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

    Be Balanced Nutrition, LLC

  • Speaker(s)

  • Tegan Medico, MS, MPH, RDN, CNSC

    Registered Dietitian (Pediatrics)

    University of Virginia Health System

  • Lindsey Albenberg, DO

    Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

    Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia